Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sharks acquire Jody Shelley

The price was low (6th round draft pick), but the acquisition of enforcer Jody Shelley from the Columbus Blue Jackets doesn't make much sense from a Sharks perspective, other than being able to match Anaheim goon-for-goon (as though we'll be able to match them in any other category with the return of Selanne). I don't envision Shelley being able to crack the Sharks' lineup at all, let alone on a consistent basis, and the odds will be even more against him once Ryane Clowe returns.

Still, he adds the thug element that has been missing in San Jose since the departure of Scott Parker. Speaking of the Sheriff, the only reason Parker was even brought onto the Sharks was due to Shelley's attack on then-Shark Brad Stuart in 03-04, likely the most poignant Shelley-related image in the minds of Sharks fans everywhere. Still, a somewhat intriguing move by Doug Wilson, especially considering Brad May, a player of comparable stature, was added to the Ducks lineup by Brian Burke during last season's trade deadline.

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