Friday, July 27, 2007

NBC revamps NHL studio show

According to this press release, NBC plans to revamp its weekly NHL on NBC studio show, with the most interesting change the advent of longtime New York Islanders coach/GM Mike Milbury, who will be replacing the one-and-done Brett Hull as a studio analyst. Also, Alex Trebek lookalike Bill Clement (close enough) will no longer be the show's moderator, with that job going to "Inside the Glass" reporter Pierre "not picking Cherepanov is unconscionable" McGuire, known for his role with Canada's TSN network.

The show will also no longer be based out of the Rockafeller Center in downtown New York, rather the arena in which the "Game of the Week" is played. Letting go of Clement is a bad decision in my mind, but perhaps a little less political correctness will do the show some good. Milbury, whose self-proclaimed legacy is beating up a New York Rangers fan with his loafer, can bring that element if truly motivated. I'm certainly not a McGuire fan, but his knowledge of the game is respectable. Still, one can't help but think Jeremy Roenick would be the perfect personality to add here.

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