Monday, July 16, 2007

The new look of Sharks territory?

Greg Jamison: How do we increase profits without depending on playoff revenues, which would inherently require spending money to build a team that can go deep in the postseason?

Marketing Intern: I know, let's invent a new logo that, while only subtlely different from the original and guaranteed to aggravate old-school and casual fans alike, will prompt those same fans to purchase new merchandise!

Despite that sarcastic quip, I'm not too dissapointed with the new Sharks logo, other than the fact that, in my opinion, it was wholly unnecessary to change it in the first place. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Presumably, this is part of the domino effect of the Buffalo Sabres changing their logo to the much-derided godawful Buffaslug, then proceeding to lead the league in merchandise sold. Oh well, at least my Sharks stuff will be that much more valuable now that they qualify as "vintage."

Oh, and a disclaimer that this may or may not be the official logo. It has been circulating on message boards and blogs and while it does seem fairly legitimate, could very well have been planted to deceive. The logo and jersey will be officially unveiled on the Sharks' official website on July 24th.

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